Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce | BH on the Go - November
Created 1-Dec-16
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BH On The Go November 2016_1BH On The Go November 2016_2BH On The Go November 2016_3Chris Muirhead Palm Print & Peter Matthews BCTC President_1Chris Muirhead Palm Print & Peter Matthews BCTC President_2Chris Muirhead Palm Print_1Chris Muirhead Palm Print_2Chris Muirhead Palm Print_3Chris Muirhead Palm Print_4Harry Fynn Plato Video, Karl Fuller BasepointMartin Bell WNA Solutions, Gary Clarke Save Money Money, Kerry Mason My Living Life AssistancePalm PrintPeter Matthews BCTC President_1Peter Matthews BCTC President_2Richard King Asprey, Kevin Hawkes The IT Director LtdRichard Knight Mystery Shopping, Maria & Kenny McGouran It'seeze, Natalia DaCosta The Athena NetworkRitchie Whiting & Ricki Hill Grapevine Telecom, Louise Seager The Inspiration Agency, Chirs Muirhead Palm PrintRitchie Whiting & Ricki Hill Grapevine Telecom,, Ashley Brewer A-Plan Insurance, Anne Cornish Virtual Assistance

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