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5R7A34865R7A34915R7A34925R7A34935R7A34995R7A35015R7A35035R7A35075R7A35095R7A35125R7A35155R7A35175R7A35185R7A3522  Lia Martin, AIOG-Paula Thompson, Stress Right-Brian Thompson, Uneedus5R7A3527 Mark Stewart. Aptum Capital-John Slade,  BCTC Executive Director5R7A3528  Sue Reid, Diverse Abilities-Susan Turner, Ouch Training Team-Steve Bicknell, Vice President BCTC5R7A35305R7A3535 Jacqui Rock, BCTC Executive Director-Richard Knight, Shoppers Anonymous-Wendy King, Bournemouth Rugby Football Club5R7A3536 Claire Pogelski, Bournemouth and Poole College- Mark Walker, Barclays-Tom Kersley- Bicknells Business Advisors5R7A3538 Jacqueline Entwistle, Real Recruitment Services- Brian Thompson, Uneedus, Paula Thompson, Stress Right

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