Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce | BH On The Go November 2013
Created 19-Nov-13
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Audrey Davies, The Way Ahead and Efe Ohwofasa, Focus GuruKate Turner, Motivational Leadership, Laura Bampton, Castlemore Surveyors, Michaela Cotty, Heart FM and Diana Mawson, The People Polishing Company.Neil Fitzwalter, Custom Secutiry, Mathew Wildeman, Talk Moneywise and Rebeccca Price, Custom Security.Stephen Groves, SWC10, Sharon Gardner, Inspirations and Peter Ward, APC Roadlink.Fiona Mackenzie, Dragon Boat Consultancy and Karl Fuller, BasepointBill Perkins, BCTC Past President & Pine Lodge IFAsJohn McAuley, Lloyds Commercial Banking.Karen Jacobs, Speciality CakesAnnette Latimer, Herbalife

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