Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce | UKTI China Seminar at Redweb May 2013
Created 28-May-13
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Mike Rundle, UK Trade & Investment; Antoaneta Becker, China- Britain Business CouncilTim Sharp, Clive Mace, Sajeda Alibay Mace and Heather DraytonJackie Phillipson, P-PR Media Solutions and Julie Cooper, RedWebBill Perkins; Vanda NorthJackie Phillipson, Richard Blunderfield, P-PR Media SolutionsMandy Payne, President BCTCAntoaneta Becker, China- Britain Business CouncilMandy Payne, President BCTC; Mike rundle UKTI; Antoaneta Becker, China- Britain Business CouncilUKTI, Andrew from Red Web and Executives of Bournemouth ChamberMandy Payne, President BCTC; Antoaneta Becker, China- Britain Business CouncilAndrew Henning, Redweb; Mandy Payne, President BCTC; Luke Platt, Redweb; Clive Mace

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