Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce | BH Banter August 2016
Created 3-Aug-16
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Adam Dickson Writer, Peter Wiggins Leaf, Bill Perkins BCTC Past PresidentCommodore Jamie Miller Royal NavyEfe Ohwofasa, Bill Riddle, Steve Bicknell BCTC ExecutiveJake Houston Trinsic, Jane Swift BCTC ExecutiveMany Payne BCTC Immediate Past President, Mark Howell Coles Miller SolicitorsMark Gracey, Mandy Payne, Efe Ohwofasa BCTC ExecutiveMatt Sedgeley Eagle LabsMichael Crawford-Hick Images From Around The WorldPaddy Williamson Fernheath Play, Carol Gardiner All Our YesterdaysPaul Thompson BCTC Executive, Harry Fynn Plato Video, Mark Gracey BCTC ExecutivePaul Thompson BCTC Executive, Harry Fynn Plato VideoRichard Hiron Coles Miller Solicitors, Steve Bicknell BCTC ExecutiveRoger & Sally Harvey AOK Rucksack Appeal, Michael Crawford-Hick Images From Around The WorldRoger & Sally Harvey AOK Rucksack AppealSally Harvey AOK Rucksack Appeal_1Sally Harvey AOK Rucksack Appeal_2Steve O'Connell Standard Terms Direct, Mark Gracey BCTC Executive

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