Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce | BHontheGO Aug 2017
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5R7A67815R7A67895R7A6790 Amanda Cordrey, Dorset Blind Association- Marvin Winthrup, Zipyard- Emily Cox, Coles Miller5R7A6793 Barrie Smith, Oratu Consultancy- Ritchie Whiting, Grapevine5R7A6794 Sam Howell, Sam Howell- Alvin Gunthup, Digital Boffins5R7A6796 Gina Parry, Embarq- Amanda Robertson, Dorset HR Support- Gary Buglass, Bitcom5R7A68005R7A68045R7A68055R7A68075R7A6811 Emily Cox, Coles Miller- Amanda Cordrey- Jane Swift BCTC and Marsham Court Hotel- Hannah Cook, Young Enterprise5R7A68125R7A68145R7A68155R7A68175R7A68185R7A6819 Roger Smith , W Smith and Sons and Vice Presedent BCTC5R7A68215R7A68245R7A6825

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